Sunday, October 31, 2004

After a minor freak-out on Alex (who graciously knows how to handle an obsessing, panicked Cathy) I am feeling better.

Of course, it is Sunday, and I've had two days to relax a little. Actually, I only had one day of real relaxation, since yesterday was go-go-go.

Saturday, morning I got up as usual to go to my usability class, which was really interesting and where I met some really nice people. I TTC'd my way home for an hour and a half (goodness, sometimes it would be nice to have a car!) so I could eat and stuff my costume into a bag before TTCing to Tree's place. We chatted and drank some much-needed wine before putting on our costumes and doing our hair and make up.

My coworker had lent me an old costume of hers to wear. It was the cutest space-girl costume I've ever seen! I wish I were creative enough to make stuff like that!

Picture me walking down the street to the subway in my silver lame with pink piping Jetson-esque dress with a puffy pink shiny wide collar, matching silver boots and silver wrap, silver makeup, glitter-faced and pig-tailed... walking beside a Lord of the Rings extra with an aluminum-foil sword and medieval braids. People couldn't stop staring.

The best was Alex's costume: a devil-face with a "Vote bush" t-shirt. It was GREAT.

We went off to my friend Tanya's Halloween engagement party.
More wine.
Saw two guys that I'd been involved with in the past. Weird.

And today I got to go for dim sum with Alex. I always like taking people for their first dim sum experience. It's such a different way to eat, and of course it takes some getting used to. I don't think that Alex will be fighting to go back soon.

But then we went shopping and I bought some cool pants at Guess, one of my favourite stores. I decided that I would celebrate my raise with a new pair of pants. I don't have a whole lot of work clothes... funny how your notion of clothing variety changes when you don't have to carry it all on your back.

We went for coffee and talked about work stuff and I started to panic about going back to work tomorrow. I just went quiet. Walked home. And freaked out.

Alex patted me on the back and smoothed my hair and said soothing words and we talked about what I already know to be true in my head and heart but don't know how to bring about in the real world. And finally, somehow, we talked of other things and I felt better. He is good at hugging, I have concluded. It is one of my favourite things about him.

And now I'm here at home, knowing that I should be reading my Web Strategy textbook, but preferring to geek out a little and just being selfish, knowing I deserve it.

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