Wednesday, July 28, 2010

YAY birthdays!

When our initial plans for a birthday camping trip in Niagara fell through, I was happy enough to hang out in the city.

Yes, even though my bathroom was a black hole.

And even though it was supposed to rain. And even though I didn't have anything in particular in mind. So we stayed. And it turned out to be one of the best ever.

  • Birthday pedicure present. I've been showing off my cute toes ever since.
  • Pre-birthday dinner at Pop Bistro in our neighbourhood. Good, though not great.
  • An offer from the crowd-phobic boyfriend to go to the Beaches Jazz Festival, which was very selfless. We never made it that far. We did, however, visit many antique shops and do a bakery tour of Queen St. E. Lemon tart, chocolate-toffee scones, chocolate mud pie. You know, only the healthy stuff.
  • A movie at our house, of my choice, while I ate ice cream with heated chocolate-chunk cookies and chocolate sauce.
  • A bike trip to Toronto Island (click for more photos) that I'd packed a lunch for
  • Surprise birthday lunch party at the Rectory Cafe - really, I was surprised - and some ridiculously amazing flourless chocolate cake. Best ever, probably.
  • An Island walk and hanging out with friends
  • More food including some banana cardamom brulee
  • Dinner with friends at a French restaurant with my favourite Vouvray wine and lovely flowers
Seriously, aside from getting really, really fat, could it get better? I'm very lucky.

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