Friday, July 16, 2010

busy schedule?

busy schedule?
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You know you're busy when you stop blogging. And stop thinking about blogging.

What have I been doing?
  • buying bathroom renovation stuff: countertops and faucets and paint and sinks and so on
  • picking out toilets and bathtubs and tiles
  • coordinating window vendors, getting and comparing quotes, asking questions, deciding on the winner
  • dinner with friends - that's the fun part!
  • planning a wedding: deciding on how much wine to order, coordinating with the jerky venue, booking rooms, encouraging others to do so too before all the good rooms are gone and they are disappointed, figuring out how not to spend a million dollars
  • sorting out finances: it's never-ending
  • chat with my sister about her burgeoning romance
  • making dinner and lunches so I'm not spending all my wedding money on eating out
  • trying to organize a chimney fix
  • figuring out why my basement has a small pond of water in it
  • arguing about whether the air conditioning really has to be on
  • cleaning so I don't feel like I live in a trash bin
  • planning my birthday and weekends and such so I don't feel like the work never ends
  • trying to get quality sleep - I'll let you know when it happens
  • grocery shopping and errand-running while I have a car (not for long)
  • staffing, planning, organizing, directing, controlling
I'm just excited about the bathroom renovation now. Talk to me in a few days when it's a war zone and I can't use the shower, though.

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