Monday, July 05, 2010

How I know

There are days, you know, when things suck. I've had a few of those. Just take a look at a few of my Facebook statuses. On those days, I wonder what the hell I'm doing.

And then there are these days -- stretches of time, really -- when it's just all so sweet. When things are right.

I guess I wondered how I'd know when it was the guy. I mean, THE guy. The ONE. And people just said, "Oh, you'll know." Which I thought was pretty unhelpful, really.

And then I have weekends like this last one. It was restful and fun and silly. I never know that Gordon is the guy MORE than when I'm with family. It's just right. And I just know, without even thinking about it. (Even though I'm not supposed to talk about him on my blog, I figure he won't mind this one much.)

Happy Canada Day. I hope everyone had as restful a time as I did. Though less hangover would have been nice.


Anonymous said...

does that mean that Gordon looks so great next to goofus family or that he blends in so well with fun family or that all family including Sister Mary Prudence approve of him, or just "thank the lord that he will give me a different family(in law) = excuse to never see my family again?"

Unknown said...

Definitely means he blends in so well with my fun family and that he loves being around them so much.