Sunday, April 18, 2010

wedding dress

wedding dress
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So I bought it. The dress.

I tried on a lot. And none of them were better than this dress. And it was only $200. So there we go, done deal. Ordered.

My mom's good for that: getting me to DO stuff. Another item I can tick off my list. And we had a lovely day together. Really quite relaxing and fun.

And some other items off my list:

1. Decided to only do the smaller reno, rather than the ginormous one. Really, the big reno? Not worth it. To my mental health, to our needs, for the return on investment. Small reno will be great.

2. Gardening. Transplanted some bulbs (yes, I know it's late to be doing that).

3. Made Indian food. From SCRATCH! And it is awesome.

4. Bills. Ok, not fun. But still done.

5. Laundry. As above. BUT I got to use my clothes line for the first time this year.

6. Groceries and a few household necessities. Anything that involves Winners has to be fun, though, right?

7. Watched Sherlock Holmes. Finally. Well, come ON, I had to do it at some point! And I quite liked it.

8. Tested my wedding website RSVP. It needs work, but it's not terrible.

9. Made some decisions on wedding gifts and centre pieces (thanks goes to my mom and dad for all the natural resources and elbow grease)

All in all, a productive happy weekend. And when I'm happy, everyone's a lot happier, really.


Anonymous said...

she looks way better than the pictured model, being far more voluptuous

Stephanie said...

I'm sure you'll look amazing!!

Anonymous said...

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