Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A day can make it all better, until it goes to poop again

Last weekend was amazing.

Seriously: I'm looking back on it today with a certain wistfulness. Right now, all I remember are the smiles and misty-rosy-joyous memories that are coloured by my crappy cold-sore-covered workday, and it was really quite wonderful.

In actuality, there was a moment on Friday night when I worked late that wasn't so shiny-happy. Although coming home to watch Glee pretty much fixed it.

And Saturday morning was slightly marred by some panic and consideration of staying home and doing chores. Thank goddess that didn't happen!

Instead, we rode our bikes down the Don Valley and across on bike paths, mostly, to the ferry. Across on the ferry to Hanlan's Point. A lovely ride across to Ward's Island and a look at all the cute houses. Back to Centre Island to relax in the crappy Carousel Cafe for a hot chocolate (with whipped cream of course) and then back to Ward's for a house party pot luck -- Island Style.

We had such a nice time. Everyone was so nice and brought such amazing food. I didn't want to stop eating. I was angry with my belly for being full. There were games and a song that they composed and we all sang to our friend for his bon-voyage from The Island. There was even a bonfire with the cityscape in the background. It couldn't get more perfect.

We rode our bikes back and although I ran into the curb, completely sober, it was a wonderful way to end the evening.

Next day, to make up for playing "hookey" my parents came over and we got stuff accomplished. We picked up Gordon's wedding suit and did some errands that needed a car and then did lots of landscaping projects.

I now have less weeds and some mulch down in my front yard. I have a trellis with roses somewhat strapped into it. I have level patio stones and ground and some spreader onions planted.

And Gordon made us an amazing dinner to top it all off. I couldn't have been happier.

And then the week came and I was stressed and overwhelmed and all that good stuff and WHAM - got a really sexy cold sore that hurts like hell. Boo. Right before my trip to SF.

But at least I have my rose-coloured memories for those moments when I can't kiss my fiance good night.

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