Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh, for a Château on the lake

I was in the middle of my usual late-night blog editing, email-responding and typing, clicking and dragging, when I came across this photo.

This is a real photo. Taken using some technique, no doubt. But a photo of real place. A Château on the lake. With the sun coming through the clouds.

I'm pretty sure this place is not filled with drywall dust, nor are the floors covered in cardboard. My guess is that you can probably walk around in your bare feet, unafraid that you will step on a nail or a shard of wood.

It probably has a properly functioning vent from the kitchen. This contractor did not make the random decision to just vent the natural gas fumes into the house instead of outside, as directed.

I'm going to take a wild stab and say that it probably also has a fridge. And the delivery people did not tell THESE people that they would deliver between 5-9pm and then show up at 1:15pm when, in theory, the contractor should have been there anyway working on the baseboards that this place would definitely not be lacking (but wasn't). No, I'm sure delivery happened exactly when they said it would. And if it didn't, the shop who made the mistake probably bent over backwards to make it right and did not blame the innocent Château owner who of course would likely NOT have been without a fridge for the past two weeks.

I'll even betcha that their washing machine drains beautifully. No half-draining and then leaving your shower curtain a sopping half-washed mess.

Nor would the bathroom smell like pee. And of course the bathroom light would work and not hang from electrical wires pulled from its socket. And when you walked in the door, you would be able to turn on the light instead of feeling your way to the other side of the room in search of the switch.

I'm sure that life in this Château is pretty restful. Calm. Quiet.

But perhaps they want the excitement that Chez Cathy brings. Perhaps they are bored with their lack of challenges and recognize that they are becoming lazy, slow and weak because they have none of these trials to test their savvy -- to keep them sharp.

Certainly, they must be green with envy.


Anonymous said...

>It probably has a properly
>functioning vent from the kitchen.
>This contractor did not make the
>random decision to just vent the
>natural gas fumes into the house
>instead of outside, as directed.

funny, i've been to that castle in the wintertime and it is honestly the coldest place in the world!

Unknown said...

REALLY? Amazing that I know someone who's been here!

My house is/was also cold in the winter... but yesterday I donned my "I'm amazing" hat and weather-stripped by front door. All by myself.

And it is awesome and my house is WAY warmer now.

Next step: insulating everything and redoing all the windows... uh, maybe next year...