Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Living in my house

After days (weeks?) of prep work upstairs, I am finally sleeping in my own house!

You can see the flooring that me and my best-loved helpers installed in my second level. It's vinyl. What does that mean? It covers over all of the stupid rises and falls of this old house. It's quiet and warm. It looks like wood (or at least laminate). It's water proof and super easy to clean. It bends and goes under the existing molding. And it cuts with an exacto knife.

The master bedroom and guest room (my soon-to-be roommate's room) and the hallway are all done. The landing is half done and I'm debating whether to start on the third bedroom or not. Right now, I'm waiting for the numbness in my index finger to go away.

I have a bed in my room. I have two dressers. I have a closet filled with my clothes. Yes, all my clothes in one place! It's like coming home after my year traveling in Australia and realizing what it's like to live in one place again.

My bathroom has a shower curtain up. I have civilized bathroom items like make up and moisturizer in a basket under the sink. I have towels hanging up. Tonight, I clean up the "linen closet" and the back bedroom (or my work room, as it is actually used these days) so that my roomie will have space to put her things when she moves in this weekend.

And downstairs?

Downstairs looks like a construction zone. However, I do have updates:

  • I have gorgeous granite in my kitchen
  • I have a sink in my kitchen
  • I have new appliances (although they're still in boxes)
  • I have internet being installed as I write this
  • I have hardwood being installed in my front room right now.
Tomorrow, I might be able to use my microwave and a fridge! For now, I use my window sill as my refrigerator.

I'll be honest, I've eaten my fill of chinese food, pizza and KFC. My love handles have as well. I'm ready to cook. I'm ready -- my house is a little reluctant, it seems. But I do have a kettle and I can clean off my toaster tonight. Peanut butter toast, here I come!

It is slow progress, but it is progress, all the same.

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Kat said...

Yeah Cathy! Can't wait to come visit when you are more settled :-)