Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Are you ready for my new kitchen?

It has arrived!
Well, mostly.

I have a stove, a fridge, cupboards (some missing doors or handles), a countertop, floors, most of my electrical, light fixtures (most of them naked), an enclosed support column, primed walls (for the most part), baseboards...

I even have my kitchen table set up (in the dining room) so I can eat on something other than the floor. I have already had two proper meals at said table, complete with candlelight. I have cooked on my gorgeous gas stove and used my oven. I have washed dishes (not yet using the dishwasher as it has a final electrical thing required). I've reheated food in my microwave (though it still needs to vent to the outside). I have food in the fridge and cupboards. I have kitchen storage that keeps taking all the pots and pans and appliances and dishes I throw at it. And storage continues to abound.

It is coming together.
I am LIVING like a real person in my house.

The other day I went to Home Depot and bought weather stripping for my front door and fancy furnace vent covers and adhesive. I spend Sunday doing all the little odd jobs that needed doing INCLUDING weather stripping my front door. I can no longer see the outside when my door is closed. The house is immediately warmer and I feel like frackin Hercules, I am so powerful!

I adhered the bits of vinyl flooring that I needed to. Now I have a few strips left to install and it's all done upstairs. After putting on the stair nosing, of course. Again, I will feel a powerful sense of accomplishment when that is done.

Now I need to concentrate on the little things left for my contractor to do, paying him, getting some carpenters to do some open, built-in shelving for me and other odd jobs. And then, after two weeks of pretty diligently doing my yoga and other back-improving exercises and stretches, I need to concentrate on going on my ski vacation on Friday.

Yay house! Click for more house photos on Picasa.

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