Monday, November 03, 2008

Yikes - reno demo

Well, it has begun. The house is being a wee bit ripped up. Whoa!

I don't really have a front step. The floor? Well, I was afraid I might go through it. Renos are dirty business. But I'm so excited. There was a picture of my plans on the wall with a list of tasks beside it for all to see.

My kitchen was unidentifiable. I didn't think I was going to do this. I was just going to do something small. And then the drawings with the "cool idea" had to come around. And now there's no turning back. What have I done?!

The plan is to be able to move into my house at the end of this month. That doesn't mean that it will be done, completely, but that it will be a place that I can sleep in and shower in. Take-out food might be in order, but I'm not really doing anything upstairs anyway.

Well, clearly, no one will be going to a housewarming chez-moi anytime soon. But you're all welcome to come over and celebrate when it's all done. (As if it will EVER be ALL done!)

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