Monday, November 24, 2008

My life is the web

So, my life WAS my house and my renovation. And, don't get me wrong, it's still going on and it still rules at least 20% of my brain on any given day.

But lately, it's been work, work, work. Which means web, web, web.

I ran an event today for Women in Technology and it was good. I was happy. But it was a LOT of work. On top of it, I was SICK. I'd actually tried to stay home and then remembered that I had to be there for the event. So I got dressed in about 2 minutes, downed some medication and hoofed it in, miserably. Despite feeling totally crappy and probably getting about 10 other people sick, I was glad I was there. I got to see a bunch of people I love and never get to see.

And then there projects for my web intern, whom I'd forgotten is only in on Mondays.

And then there were project schedules, blogs, newsletters, social web campaigns, meetings to set up, resource requests to make and emails to respond to.

Only at the end of the day did I find out that an inspector had been to my house and stopped all work until I got a permit for something else that I didn't have a permit for. Ugh. So we're going to be a couple of days behind at this point -- but still planning to move there next week. I lost a few productive days this weekend being sick on the couch, too, which only means that my non-scheduled house prettification scheme will be a little behind. But life goes on.

If I could just stop working until the 10:30pm. I thought I left it all behind in Web Agency world.

Photo by Kristi


Kristi said...

Please give credit to my photo which you used in this blog post.
Thank you.

Unknown said...

sorry Kristi, I link to your photo page and I thought that was a credit. however, I can add your name too.