Saturday, November 08, 2008

Time to vote!

Well, I've got to pick a kitchen layout on Tuesday.

So take a look at my options. Go look at the pictures, leave comments and tell me, gently, what you think. What I should consider changing.

I may not do what you say, but I might. And I will thank you for your suggestions.

Also: today is my anniversary!


Stephanie said...

Go for maximum counter space. I love having my pantry and I do wish I had a broom closet, but I wouldn't give up an inch of counter space just for somewhere to hang my mop. Looks very cool!

Unknown said...

So that means kitchen #1 or #2.

I'm worried that the bank of cupboards in #1 looks a bit imposing or blocky. Hence, the #2 layout. The upper cabinets in that one leaves more headspace and it's a break from the big cabinetry.

I was thinking of maybe doing those hanging spice racks or magnetic knife holders on the backsplash... if I go with that layout.

Anonymous said...

I think with the glass inserts, the cupboards will be less blocky than you think.

Hope you feel better BTW!!