Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sometimes you gotta love life

I have had such a fantastic weekend, I'm just sitting here with a little grin on my face and sad that it's all ending after I take my much-needed shower and lay down my ridiculously sleepy head.

Friday night, I met a friend who works at the Starbucks near work. It's her last week working there. Sad story. BUT, I did get a free yummy-yum-favourite-beverage-in-the-world. And a cookie. Mm. Dinner.

And I walked to my "date" at the movie theatre, where we watched "SuperBad" which was very funny for boys, but mildly amusing for me, once I got past the horrific affirmation of all the worst that boys represent. Does that even make sense? Anyway. Let's move on.

Sleep, blah blah blah.

Saturday, I met my brother and his wife at the airport, as they're on their way to Brazil! I got the keys and now I have their vehicle for the month, which can come in handy.

I hung out for a bit at home, doing some garden work and doing some of my phone calls and then decided that I needed to get outside because it was a beautiful day. I slapped on my mp3 player and my comfy sandals and headed out the door.

First stop: Dairy Queen. Bien sur!

Then I walked downtown.

Second stop: movie theatre -- just my luck, Harry Potter was about to start. So I used my birthday movie pass and saw it! Loved it!

Then I walked to work and picked up my bike from the bike room.

Third stop: Sarah's house.

Fourth Stop: a local pub that had a great cover band playing. We chatted and chatted and ate sweet potato fries and onion rings.

And finally, I rode my bike home. I was asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow. God, I love that feeling.

Bike Trip, beach near East Point ParkSunday morning, I get up, strip the bed and start the laundry. I make myself a pot of tea and sit down to watch Voyageur and home improvement shows.

My mom arrives at 11am and we pore over the cycling map and choose our route, pack the paniers and we're off.

First stop: Starbucks, of course.

Second stop: Taylor Creek Park, having a little difficulty finding the entry, but otherwise, we're good. We cycle east beneath the trees, alongside the bubbling creek.

Third stop: Warden Woods/Byng Park

Fourth stop: St. Clair Ravine

Fifth stop: Dairy Queen. It was, afterall about time for lunch.

Sixth stop: Bellehaven St, Scarborough. Where the beautiful people live. Time for gawking!

Seventh stop: Guildwood Park. We meet a retired man who is so deeply tanned his skin has that "indian red" sheen to it... you remember that colour from your pencil crayon collection? He told us about the best paths to take and that he'd been out golfing that morning and that he was going for a run now and that he was selling off everything now and going back to the UK. Sigh. I think I would like his life. We ride down to the beach and sit on the rocks there, below the bluffs that tower above us, and get our picture taken by some people walking by, and our retired friend.

Eighth stop: East Point Park, or just east of there, west of Rouge Hill, there is a new path. Newly paved, it is like riding on butter (just not the melty kind). And finally, there we sit on the rocks by the beach with real sand. A basically deserted beach. We wonder why there is hardly anyone here. We eat our lunch. And marvel that you would never know you were in Toronto. Until the Go train rumbles by behind us. Which is all the better for us, as we think next time we can take the Go train out here or at least catch it back...

Ninth stop: North up Highland Creek to Colonel Danforth Park and UofT Sarborough Campus.

Tenth stop: another route through the Guildwood Village area houses before hoping on the TTC to get us back to the Danforth.

Festival of SoutheastAsia - the final stop on our bike tour of easter TorontoEleventh stop: bike down to Gerrard for the Festival of South Asia. Feed our hungry faces with all manner of tasty treats that we had no names for or at least couldn't pronounce. All I can say is "Mmmm!" In fact, one of the best places we ate was the Veggie restaurant, Udupi Restaurant. Quite surprising, but very very tasty. And mom was introduced to mango lassis. She is won over.

Twelfth stop: home. We biked home. Drank some water, uploaded some photos and here I am, in front of my computer with my map before me. Amazed at where I've been today. Hoping I will relive this all in my dreams tonight.

Does it get better?

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Rob said...

That's awesome that your super biking adventure took you right by our new house (we're a block from Rouge Hill park, and the new waterfront trail) AND our old place at Gerrard and Coxwell. Must have been quite a ride!