Saturday, August 25, 2007


You probably don't remember, but I got a ceiling fan for either my birthday or my house warming last summer. It was beautiful, but it sat for a while until April this spring before we got around to trying to put it up. We ended up deciding that it was going to hang too low.

So, in April, my brother and I took it back to Home Depot and exchanged for another, higher ceiling fan. In preparation for the warm weather, of course.

My family had been over that weekend to help me with a bunch of house improvements. I told them that Alex and I could handle putting up the ceiling fan together.

I didn't know how ambitious that statement was.

It sat there until today. But, I should say that I'm quite happy that we finally got around to putting that damn ceiling fan up today. (I had stopped nagging, since that clearly wasn't working. I don't know what finally convinced him, but I'm not complaining! Maybe it was that it was the ONLY thing I asked for on the list of things to do today?)

Anyway, we toiled at it for about two hours before finally pressing the "on" button.

And nothing happened.

We did some trouble-shooting for a bit until we finally admitted that it was just broken. Boo! So, off it had to come AGAIN.

Vermiculite falling from the ceiling and landing in lovely glittery piles on our bed and floor. And probably in our lungs. Awesome.

And we took it back to Home Depot and, guess what? They don't have any more. But the girl was very helpful and told us where we COULD find that model. That's my goal tomorrow: exchange the ceiling fan.

On the happy side, it will be nice.

On the boo side, it will mean I'll have to clean up more vermiculite some other time... if we get around to putting it up again six months from now...

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