Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Paying bills.

I know; this sounds like it should be a lot of fun.

In fact, I actually used to like it. I felt competent, responsible, efficient.

I had a system.

Step one: recieve a bill (paper or electronic)
Step two: go online, post date the payment
Step three: forget about bill

I'm sure you can see why this might be enjoyable.

It was simple. Tidy.

Now I have a bill tracking spreadsheet.
Now I have to create complicated spreadsheets to figure out how much I owe and how much my significantly more consumerist partner owes for each bill.
Now I have to send emails with invoices to him about how much he owes.
Now I have note due dates and put reminders in my calendar so that I can remind him to pay when the deadline looms.
Now I have to pay again when he's missed the deadline and tell him to pay me instead. And then make sure he pays.
Now I have to worry about balancing nagging with actually getting bills paid on time.
Now I have touch a bill multiple times - increasing the amount of time I have to analyze spreadsheets and totals and checking email trails.

I ask you: does this sound FUN?

It is not.

But what is the answer?

How do I stop being the responsible boring adult who sits at home at night infront of her computer, contemplating bills and getting angry that I'm forced to do it to maintain my credit rating?

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Kat said...

Me thinks Alex needs to grow the EF up. I mean, you guys own a house together. Geez. If he even gives you one iota of a hard time for asking him about the bills, you should tell him your dick. Yeah. He should thank his lucky stars that you manage the bills for him. Perhaps you should just give him one big massive amount that he can pay you once a month. Then, he only has to thank you once for being his super awesome GF.