Thursday, October 05, 2006

House Update
  1. I have bought curtain material.
    White curtain material.
    And blackout material.
    Very exciting.

    The plan was to add some embellishment to the curtains - some ribbon or silk edging. That is, until Alex became unsure of what he wanted. And now he thinks that maybe the OLD curtains might be OK afterall...

    In that case, I will use the blackout material for reinforcing the darkness of the old curtains. And I'll use the white material to make a duvet cover.


  2. I bought new curtain rod supports.
    Somehow, my old ones got lost in the move. I'm sure there in an un-opened box somewhere.

  3. I bought a programmable thermostat. Only $50 at Home Depot and I can program the weekend separate from the weekdays AND program a "special" day setting. Basically, I can be cheaper about my energy bill. PLUS, I get a $15 rebate for buying an energy-conscious gadget for my house! Now all I need to do is install it.

  4. I have a new door threshold to keep out the cold winter. Boring. But smart. Again, installation necessary.

  5. I am a new member of AutoShare! So now I can book a car for a couple of hours whenever I want and go to Home Depot to pick up some insulation or eavestroughs or whatever.

  6. I am designing my new PAX wardrobe using the online PAX Planner Tool. I love useful online tools. When I'm done, I'm gonna my AutoShare car and go pick it up!

I love getting things done. I love that my new house is starting feel a little like MINE. Of course, there is much to do. But I guess the winter may be a good time to do it? Or at least to plan it.


Anonymous said...

YOURS? Don't you live with someone? Wouldn't you want to say OURS?

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