Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sometimes all it takes a really good talk to make it all better.

I was feeling really restless and then I got together with Karen, a girl I met in Melbourne, who's now just finishing her travels and happened to be in Toronto.

We shopped and had a lovely dinner together and talked, talked, talked. It was great. Sharing the feelings that you have post-travel... it's just amazing to have someone who really understands.

We agreed that we want to continue living life in a similar way, treating each day as a new adventure. But our friends haven't had the same experience and they don't understand that drive. We're no longer content to sit at home and watch TV (at least, not regularly). At the end of it all, we're thinking about all the new and exciting things we could be experiencing. It's frustrating, because I don't want to lose this feeling, and yet I feel it seeping away.

We were both talking about our next trips that we want to do. We both want to go back to New Zealand. And we both want to go to Europe.

After dinner, since she had to go visit her gran, I went to the movies and saw "Forgotten" which was scary, and then hung and popped into another theatre to see "First Daughter" which was cheesey but cute. Everyone wore way too much makeup.

It was good to have some alone time. I think I really needed it.
And today I'm off to Word on the Street.

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