Friday, September 10, 2004

Ohmygosh. Sarah made a cake. Even the picture of it makes my mouth water. Sarah is such an amazing baker. She made me the absolute BEST cheesecake for my 27th birthday. It was one of those "I want to put it all in my mouth right now cause it's so yummy, but I have to eat it slowly so I can savour and also I'm sad for when it's gone."

Maybe I can find a way to make sure that Sarah makes me a cake every week and then all I do that week is just eat it. Mmmm.

And no sharing.

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Anonymous said...

You liar you!!! you are NOT 27 , not since 2 years ago!!
Most women only lie about it when they hit 40. You are 2 years younger than Will who is cry dying that he is 31, which makes you...uhmm ....older than 27