Monday, September 06, 2004

Sitting at home drinking tea in front of my computer - I really do feel that it's a home now. I have my computer hooked up to the internet, with my things surrounding me. I'm geeking out.

Sure, things aren't perfect.
  • I'm still unpacking and cleaning as I go.
  • I still don't know how to do my laundry here in this building.
  • The 24-hour Dominion was closed so I couldn't buy my breakfast this morning.
  • My computer speakers are still missing a power source, so I can't listen to music on them yet.
  • It's a beautiful holiday Monday outside and I'm inside, on my computer, on the phone, fixing my bike and putting together my bookcase INSIDE

    All in all, I suppose I'm doing well. I'm really trying to update my website a little. I'm synching all the changes I've made in the past year with all my files on my computer. I'm downloading all the pictures that people have sent me that I haven't been able to put up yet. Finishing up vacation draft blogs. I'm working on it. Promise.

    Updates first. Redesign later.
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