Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Met up with Anita and Ev, my roommates from university, for dinner last night.

Ev brought Jude, her 7-month-old, who is the cutest, most smiley baby I've ever met. He was wearing the cutest bright green soccer shirt with a bright yellow Old Navy sweatshirt and jeans and I thought if he were any cuter I could just eat him right up! With his fine blong hair and bright blue eyes that crinkle up when he laughs, which is most of the time.

In the restaurant, he smeared his face with his food, rubbing it into his hair... gotta love kids' enjoyment of their food.

Anita talked about how she freaked out on this guy she went out with... reportedly the nicest, most gentlemanly guy she's ever gone out with. She laughed about what a spaz she was and I told her to write to him and just be honest, telling him that she'd been a spaz. Good advice? I figured, what does she have to lose, really?

Ev talked about how her daughter is in ballet and having her first sleep-over without her -- a big step for a child. She talked about all the people that have had babies lately... it's breeding season, apparently.

And all the while Neet and I cooed over Jude. The girls are going to LOVE him. He's such a flirt.

And then Ev told me about how people are predicting that I'm going to marry Alex. Interesting theory.


Anonymous said...

I bet I get married before you do. So there.


rone said...

can i be the wedding singer?