Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I finally signed for my new place last night!

And even drank to the occasion! I'm quite excited, even though I can't move in for a while yet... damn rental agreements! Can't wait until I have a dishwasher again. And my lovely majik bed!

And to celebrate further I went for a power roller blade with Tree around Forest Hill, the super-rich part of Toronto. My GOD the houses! And the hills... what a bad idea it was for a newbie like me to rubber-neck at houses in the fading light on a cracked street with a large downhill gradient.

Of course, I flew out of control and screamed and waved my arms and tried swerving to slow down, which only alarmed the vehicle that was following me. Finally, I crashed into the curb and fell ungracefully to the asphalt. Nice. I'm all class.

At least I didn't hurt myself too badly. My knees are a little tender and so is my pride.

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