Thursday, July 01, 2004

...and then we won our beach volleyball championships!

It was a hollow victory. Riddled with people hating us, fighting, grievances. Not fun. And when I get down, I'm even worse.

Not to say that I'm anything less than stellar, of course. I was the inspiration for the whole team.

But I lost my joy and then my body was hurting. Migraine, back pain, belly pain, the need to urinate quite urgently. It all conspired. Somehow I even think I sprained my thumb as it hurts and is an ugly purple colour.


So my friend Scott, whom I recruited for the evening as we weren't going to have enough players, and I went to Murphy's where we were meant to meet up with the other volleyball players. Well, it didn't work out; no one from our team was there. So Scott and I sat down to a lovely rack of ribs and chatted the night away (probably a little too late as I have to work today). But it was a good talk, and as always, after talking to Scott, I was left thinking "we don't get together enough."

And then the alarm went off this morning.

While the rest of the world has the day off, I'm at work on Canada Day. Feeling like crap. Tired and headachey and sore.

Please ignore me while I feel sorry for myself.
I can't help it; sometimes I get grumpy and just want someone to bring me a couple Krispy Kremes.

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