Saturday, June 19, 2010

Deep breaths

I'm sitting here in front of my computer on a Saturday morning.

It's quiet.

I can actually hear my computer humming. My stomach gurgling, telling me it's probably time to eat breakfast. I drank my homemade london fogs this morning while looking at the grocery store flyers. I wrote my list of to-dos. Thought about going to the contents-sale around Withrow Park. Decided I really just wanted to sit here. In front of my computer.

I'm writing a much-needed email to my bathroom renovator to let him know about some of my choices for the renovation. My sink and vanity are purchased. I'm ordering the tub. I've told him which toilet. And now I'm detailing the faucet and tiles. I've done all my calling around to ensure that I've got the right prices for the right products and laid it all out in my budgeting spreadsheet and, for now, it looks like I just might come in a little under budget.

Thank goddess. Because I didn't know about the windows.

It all started with a simple idea to change the window in the bathroom. It had to be done. It's a terrible window.

But did you know how hard it is to get a window guy to come do a quote right now? Ridiculous. I had some just not show up after making an appointment. And then not apologize when I called to ask where they were. Some at least were up-front and told me that I'd better come to the showroom with my measurements because they wouldn't be able to send anyone to my house.

And now I've got quotes for over $7000-worth of windows. Finally. But $7K?! At least, they'll come down to that level if I don't do all of them. And, oh ya, I'll get SOME of that money back from my energy audit. A whopping $60 each. Wow, hey? Assuming they don't cancel the program in the next couple of months. Plus, I have the pleasure of paying the extra tax thanks to HST because I couldn't get my act together sooner to make this happen.

What can I say? I've been dealing with a few things. Bathroom reno to beat the HST. A wedding - that took a few hours to plan. And a few more minutes, as I'm sure you can imagine, to trouble-shoot the absolutely sub-par service at the venue. And then a ridiculously busy spring at work. Ridiculously.

But this is what I do now. I work. I plan. I organize. Sometimes instead of regular work, I get to cook and do some gardening. Which I might actually like more if I weren't so time crunched.

And so right now, I'm really enjoying sitting in my chair, reading bathroom reno blogs, researching products. And working on my budget so that I can be sure that I can actually afford to do all these things and still pay for a wedding. And writing it all down here so I can remember someday in the future when I have real problems. (Like kids.) And I can laugh at how silly I was that this actually stressed me out.

A friend reminded me to enjoy the journey and focus on the positive. So here I am: thinking about how wonderful it is to sit in my chair and type in the quiet.

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