Tuesday, May 25, 2010

meshing and... stuff

meshU photos - May 2010
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Last week was pretty busy. It enhanced my enjoyment of the long weekend (see last post).

I was working and attending a conference pretty much full time. The conference took place at the MaRS Centre, so I didn't have far to go.

The best part, I'll say, was day 1, meshU. Here I am, listening to my friend Meredith's session on The Principles of Design. It was my favourite session. Why? Well, number one, I got a cupcake. Two, in fact. Homemade cupcakes. I'll be honest, I ate them BOTH.

The second reason it was my favourite? (As if the cupcakes weren't enough!) I actually learned some stuff!

I learned things that I could directly use to improve the website I work on. (Yes, I should use them on my own blog too, but I'm way to busy planning a wedding and a renovation, while keeping a relationship and a busy job.) And while it gave me lots of great ideas to implement, I also got some great resources to help inspire me in the future, such as "Designing with Psychology in Mind".

It reminded me a little bit of an interesting session I went to at W2E, Persuasive Technology. But what I mostly got out of that conference is that we need to figure out what we're trying to do and stop just doing. We need strategy.

All of this conferencing has me a little inspired to do more. And a little overwhelmed with my lack of bandwidth and resources to do more.

So I sat down and wrote up my priority list. At the top of my list?
1. HR - hire some people to do some stuff. So we can be better.
2. Strategy - complete our strategy so we all know what to do. And what not to do.
3. Stop with the tactics!
4. Expenses. Ya, OK, I've gotta live.
5. Stop freaking out. I can't do everything.

(Oh, that's just the professional list. The personal list is a whole other sheet of paper. Or book, rather.)

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