Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sometimes I'm just that good

I don't know what happens sometimes. But sometimes I'm on fire.

It seems like it has a lot to do with productivity or at least perceived productivity. But check out this weekend of ass-kicking:

  • Friday night with my mom after getting her cheap Chinese grocery store veggies and egg tarts. We dined on, guess what? egg tarts. And chrysanthemum tea.
  • Saturday morning, up and out the door to meet Ev so she can see me try on what might be "the dress"
  • We visit Anita and Benjamin (her very happy, cute boy) and I give her the baby quilt that my mom had brought on Friday. We ate, we chatted, etc. Haven't seen her since Ben was born, basically.
  • Ev drops me at Yorkdale. I figure I might as well take advantage of a Saturday night at the megaplex and go see Avatar (after reading home reno mags at Chapters - my fave pastime)
  • Sunday morning, up looking purposefully through my magazines for bathroom reno inspiration shots for my upcoming reno. And drinking homemade london fogs. Also my favourite thing to do on weekends.
  • Call a dress shop AGAIN regarding a price.
  • Measure up spaces where I want to put particular pieces of furniture so I know what to look for.
  • Take back all beer cans.
  • Walk to Danforth to try on dresses.
  • Walk to Home Depot to get paint for the coffee table I picked up a couple weeks ago on the sidewalk. Also picked out several bathroom items. See picture. This is totally what I'm going for, style-wise. And brought home what I think will be the colour for the back of my front door. Red. "Cranberry Whip."
  • Pick up a few groceries.
  • Walk to the used furniture stores (OK, some were already closed) to look for aforementioned furniture
  • Chinatown for a few more groceries
  • Make jalapeno cornbread (mmm!)
  • Make lentil soup (the BEST one I've made ever!)
  • Clean kitchen, including dishes by hand.
  • Figure out how to upload photos from my phone to my computer. Telus tries to make it like you can't. But you can. OK, yes, I know it took me a while to figure out. I was busy.
  • Talk to my sister. Look up her potential bridesmaid dresses and comment.
  • Talk to boyfriend. Realize that I'm probably this productive because he's not around.

Next up:
  • Email the wedding lady reminding her she said she'd work to the budget I gave her. Seriously, would pay for a $40-meal anywhere and NOT get a napkin? Come on.
  • Email the photographer about some ideas for his price coming down.
  • Bed time.

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