Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines and all that

Via Rail Train
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I'm not really big on Valentine's Day.

Last year, I was on vacation for the big V-Day and it would have passed uneventfully except my boyfriend, who was told not to do anything, sent flowers and a gift to my hotel room.

Which was really very nice.

But it really did wreck it for him forevermore. This year we went out for dinner at The Real Jerk, which was OK. Honestly, I just wanted to get some stuff from the grocery store, cook and stay in. A friend told me today that he and his wife stayed in and ate a vat of ice cream.

I should have insisted on staying in and eating all manner of crap: ice cream, cheesecake, perhaps some chips or popcorn, and hot cocoa. That, and a big bubble bath.

This is my dream for the perfect day that is for me. I don't want any presents. I don't care about a card. Unless he made me a silly card from scratch maybe. That would be OK.

But the slothfulness of it all. The decadence. Most boys really don't GET it.

It's OK, though, because I don't care a whole lot about the so-called holiday anyway. The rest of my weekend was pretty good. The best part? When I MADE myself authentic London Fogs at home. It was divine. I didn't have to go out into the cold. I drank a pot of it while reading my Canadian House and Home on my newly-uncovered couch. Divine. And silent.

And then I got to work with some more unpacking and cleaning and laundering and finishing up some flooring. I got stuff accomplished. Which, if you know me, you'll know is VERY important to me.

I had so much more on my list, but I at least got half of it done. And I'll be antsy about the other half until next weekend when I again don't get it all done.

Instead, I went to the bf's family's house and hung out there. It meant I got a lot of time to read and hang out and talk and think about having children (scary) and got my haircut (finally -- last time I had my haircut was August). We went for a really nice walk and ate well and everyone was really nice to me. And I was thinking how nice it is to really really like your boyfriend.

We took the train home. I can't remember the last time I took Via Rail. It was kind of fun. Again, I got to read quite a bit, and I'm really liking my book. And I got to try out my new free camera although I'm too lazy to download/upload the photos right now.

All in all, it was a lovely weekend.

OH and I also managed to read my friend Kat's blog about why she blogs. It's really good. She's a good writer: the kind that would make me jealous if I begrudged anyone their talent. I think you should read it and I think you should then vote for her to win over at Mabel's Labels so that she can win the contest to send her to Chicogo's BlogHer conference. Vote now and vote on multiple computers or browsers if you can. She deserves it.

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Raye said...

it is nice to really, really like your boyfriend.