Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The post-vacation trauma

Sleep, Wake Up, POWER!
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I feel like I've been tapping on a computer all day.

Click, type, drag, click, tap. Sigh when the computer isn't fast enough to keep up with my hands. When it appears to have just stopped. Or when it's "thinking about it"... It will all drive me mad.

Then I'm out to teach. Then home, starving, fire up the computer. And since then, it's been bill paying and catching up on the important emails, making appointments and updating my files and more clicking, dragging, typing and crying about how slow my computer is.

That's what happens when you come back from a "vacation" -- are our camping trips ever really a vacation? We challenge ourselves to paddle hard, portage all our crap up and over hills for kilometers over to the next body of water. For what? For the chance to have some peace and quiet on a somewhat emptyish lake?

But it was good. It was worth it.
But now I am tired. My shoulders hurt. My eyes are bloodshot and dry and they want to stop looking at my computer screen.

Press "Sleep" now.

Tomorrow, I'll press "power" again and will upload photos and be all productive and awesome.

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