Monday, May 05, 2008

NKOTB Summer

NKOTB Summertime Photo
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Yes, I just found out yesterday. NKOTB has reunited for a tour this summer. Actually, they'll be in Toronto September 21st.

Of course, I had to email my friend Heather, with whom I used to swoon over these guys. And specifically the brothers, of course, The idea of the two of us dating brothers was just too tempting.

I thought it was a joke when I saw their concert listed on the TicketMaster website. But no. They're really doing it. They have a single, which i haven't hear yet, but should probably listen to if not just to have a laugh. Or to feel nostalgic for when I was 13 and a teen heart-throb fan girl. As embarrassing as that may be.

But everyone has one of those bands, right? A band that they're not too proud of loving once upon a time? We had so many hours of joy together just watching their videos. I think we were entranced by the idea of being girlfriends to the famous. And we would write stories of our adventures together: on the tourbus, how we met, picnics and all sorts of teen romance novel stuff.

I wish I could be that romantic again.

I'm smiling to remember my ideas of relationships at that age. I wonder if that's how most girls have their first relationship: with a fictional star boy?

Who was your star boyfriend?

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