Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hyacinths are up

Photo originally uploaded by ToniVC
Spring has sprung at my house!

I returned from San Francisco to discover that my hyacinths had bloomed in my absence. I have a few of these little grape hyacinths and a few pink ones given to me by my mom and our friend Marlene from the gardening show.

I planted them last fall in my little garden and POP! There they were. All pretty and delicate. I'm amazed that I could make something so pretty grow!

I also have a bunch of other plants that survived the summer draught and winter blahs in my little garden. My strawberry plants have miraculously revived themselves! My day lillies are green and healthy. My herb section with the Summer Savoury, garlic chives and green onions is looking good. And right now my periwinkle looks its best with the little purple flowers peeking out from the sea of green.

I'm so proud of my success, of making something grow. I have a lot of pruning and weeding, mowing and re-mulching to do, though. That's the plan for the weekend. I can't wait to get my hands dirty again now that I know that good actually comes of it.

Sadly or not, I had a potential buyer over to see the house. They're interested. Which I can understand because I love the house too. So all my gardening joy is for someone else at this point. But I can't give up on my babies.

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