Monday, March 24, 2003

Dave is currently making me some stir fry. Can everyone shout "thanks Dave!" right now?


Still sick. And tired. OK, 14-hour flights are officially not my favourite. I wrote about 100 pages in my journal and saw 4 movies, slept probably less hours than that. It's 8:30pm here, but feels like 6:30am the next day. Dave says the later I can stay up, the better. He's so excited that I'm here. It's so good to see him!

Tomorrow we're going to Guyotoku to teach Dave's English Conversation Club. He says they won't believe that we're just friends. They'll continually ask how long we've been going out and when we're getting married.

Have just met Dave's roommate, Darren, from Melbourne. Nice guy.

Discovered that people here frequently wear these masks everywhere to protect themselves and those around them from colds. I feel like there's some outbreak that no one told me about. Creepy! Otherwise, everything is normal, except for all the signs in Engrish.

Drop me a line while you can; Dave has Internet access, so I'll be able to respond.

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