Monday, March 31, 2003

11:35am Sydney time.

Wow. Well, here I am. I'm actually in a place called TurraMurra, just north of downtown Sydney. "TurraMurra" is an aboriginal word for "high hill". It's quite hilly here. And lush. Looking out the window, I feel like I'm in the middle of the jungle. Actually, I almost feel it more here than I did when I was actually IN the jungle (Peru, fall 2001). I can hear exotic birds outside the window, even.

Check out the weather. It's quite humid and cloudy today. Tomorrow and the rest of the week promises to be much better. Yay! But it's so humid, my fingers feel like they are sticking to the keyboard.

It took about nine hours to get to Sydney from Narita Airport. It was an overnight flight and of course I slept like a baby (read: I don't think I slept at all) so I'm feeling fantastic (if by that I mean ridiculously tired). However, coming in for the landing, I was treated to one of the most amazing displays of Earth's beauty. As the sun rose (out my window - which was a REAL window seat this time) I could see it peek through the cloud covering. It was like we were under the water instead of flying above it. The sun's rays filtering through the waves of clouds, dappling and reflecting the watery floor below. My heart hurt looking at it, knowing I would never have enough words or talent to describe it, nor ever see anything like it again. And then it was gone and there was Australia.

Jan Plain picked me up from the airport at 8:30am and drove me out here to the Plain's beautiful home. I have my own room and have been left with the computer and various instructions/directions so that I can organize myself today while they're at work.

I've also been in touch with Sonal, a friend of Tony's, who also lives in Sydney (in Gosford). I'll be getting together with her later this week, I think.

Thank god for wonderful people!

Things to do today/tomorrow:
- search for work (online, temp agencies)
- get a bank account
- get my working holiday visa (I've been approved, I just have to go get the stamp or whatever)
- look into cell phones ("mobiles" they call them)
- thank my dad for getting me a tax return (I'm clearly an idiot; I thought I would have to pay)
- find some longer-term accommodations (no wants to hang out with ME for more than a week!)
- update my site

So, basically, get new life in two days. Right then.

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