Monday, September 03, 2012

Do you have the answer?

I find myself wishing that someone would just tell me what to do. It would make things infinitely easier, afterall.

But would it?

I know that, to fix my back, I should set up stretch break alerts on my computer and go to yoga faithfully and pay attention to my posture and muscle tightness at all times.

I don't.

To fix my sleeping and my migraines, I should stay away from alcohol, reduce my stress, exercise, eat healthfully, drink water.

I don't.

To fix my relationships, I need to let go of my attempts to control, focus on taking care of myself and really living. Stop caring so much what others think of me and not be so judgmental. Develop boundaries and get past all my fear.

Not happening.

So the thing is, I have the answers. At least, I have MY answers, but I don't have anyone else's - nor does anyone else have the ones for me. There are no shortcuts. Discovering the answers is just as important as implementing them - perhaps a necessary requirement. Clearly, being told the right answer isn't doing the trick.

Perhaps the right answer is patience. Patience for that right answer to come along and be discovered.

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