Monday, September 06, 2010

It's all coming together

Who thought that planning a wedding and house renovations at the same time was a good idea? I'm sure it wasn't me. I'm sure my fiance didn't say, "I don't think that's a good idea."

Oh wait.

In any case, it's happening.

In my defense, the bathroom was supposed to take about three weeks. I'll admit, I tacked an extra week onto that estimate in my head. Did I think it was going to be TWO MONTHS?! Not exactly.

But here we are.

At least we have a toilet. And a bathtub. Even if it still doesn't have a faucet or showerhead. I do have tiles now, though, tiled right over my HVAC duct. (That's what they call "good stuff".) And a NEW toilet. And a vanity. An upside-down vanity with no sink, but a vanity nonetheless. (Click for more pics.)

So the party that we had on Thursday wasn't as calamitous as it could have been. At least there was a door on the room.

And we were pretty happy to head to Guelph this weekend to talk wedding details and visit with family. Because, among other awesomeness, it meant we could take showers. Luxurious, glorious showers in which you can shave your legs and let the water run over your face and such. Sigh.

Oh, and we talked about a LOT of wedding details. Who's bringing what? Who's making what? What should it look like? Where is it coming from? Who will do this or that? Lists and lists of stuff. It was just the kind of thing that needed to happen. And on to K-W for more family awesomeness and a bonfire and a hair cut. And then a meeting of the families.

I'm at least a little less stressed. Because now I have a definitive list. There's a beginning and an end. And probably a billion surprises, but I swear I will be OK with the surprises. (As long as they don't cost me more money. Or a lot more, anyway.) AND because I have a wonderful family.

Again, I am reminded how very very lucky I am.

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