Saturday, October 24, 2009


It had to happen sometime.

I had to put art up sooner or later. My walls have been completely bare and cheerless.

And I had a day. A day when I didn't have any particular plans. As I drank my tea and finished reading my recent House and Home, I got inspired to unearth an art project that I'd dreamt up over three years ago at IKEA.

Out came the frames and the postcards and the paint. (And a present that I thought I'd lost, but had actually just not yet unpacked. Happy Belated, Sarah!) And the scissors, tape, hammer and nails.

And after a few distractions (brunch with aforementioned present-owner, a pre-winter planting spree and backyard clean-up, errands and Mexican dinner with my favourite guys -- goodness, I thought I had no plans??) I managed to get the thing up on the wall (you can click here to see what wall it's on).

I quite love the number of things I was able to get accomplished today. I'm a little less excited about the art project than I thought I would be. But I'm starting to get excited and motivated to actually decorate. Problem is, I just had so many to-dos on my list today that it feels like I did nothing.

Ah, but tomorrow is another day. Time enough for putting plastic on my windows, tea with an old friend, furniture shopping (it never ends) and finishing up the backyard pre-winter project. That's not to say that THAT would be the end of my list, but I suspect that moment is a long way off.

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