Sunday, March 15, 2009

To paint or restore? That is the question

Next round in the house reno chapters:
  • Built-in open shelves in the kitchen
  • Front hall closet
  • Built-in setee/bench for the bay window
  • Staircase paint-job
All of that is already underway and the top three should be done in the next week. (The staircase I'm doing myself, hopefully with some help from my awesome BF, and I'm pretty slow.) But, YAY, it's looking more and more like a home!

And I'm looking to the exterior now that Spring has sprung. The roof will get a complete revamp (not so sexy but much-needed) and, while I'm doing it, a look at the back extension insulation. I'm guessing that will need to be addressed.

CollegePro Painters just came by to do a quote on repainting my exterior. Scraping off old peeling stuff (it's ALREADY starting to come off!) and repainting the same colours but with some additional trim-work. This cost is about $850 but I looked at my neighbour's house and some other beauties in the area and thought I would LOVE to have the original brickwork restored. That means sandblasting. So I'm going to look into it, get a quote.

And then of course there's the interior painting which I was thinking of getting a colour specialist for. And then either paint myself (with help from friends) or just pay someone to do it if the cost is reasonable. Sometimes you just need to get stuff done, you know?

Oh and did I mention the landscaping? I think I have some crocuses coming up in my front square of ground (I'd call it a "yard" but it hardly qualifies unless that refers to 1 yd x 1 yd?) where the only other adornments are unexplained tar buckets. Ew. Contractor, take them away!

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