Thursday, August 11, 2005

Having Jaap visit is so nice!

It's great to have a built-in friend to do fun things with. Every night we do something interesting. (At least I think it's interesting.)

  • Monday night, we played volleyball in the beaches.
  • Tuesday night, we went rollerblading/biking in Sunnybrook park (actually, we went as far as we could on the Don Valley trail, but it gets a bit bumpy in places.) Then we went for a swim at my apartment.
  • Last night, I made a nice salmon dinner for us and then we met Sarah and friends downtown for her pre-Scotland travels

    On the weekend, we he came to my Grand Bend family reunion. I was worried he'd be bored, but he got along really well with everyone and got to sit on the beach and play water frisbee with everyone, so it worked out. He probably got a little bored.

    Having him around makes me want to travel.
    The fun part of my life right now, the part that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning, is the stuff that we do after work.

    Of course, it's frustrating for him that I have to work during the day. He gets bored because he has no one to hang out with. Living with me is cheap, but he doesn't get to meet a lot of other travellers that way.

    So then I think about taking time off to travel to the places that he would really like to do the things that we would BOTH really like. I get all excited and suddenly, all the extreme stresses of my job seem far away.

    I'm tired of stress.
    My body is tired of stress.

    I need to get away.
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