Friday, May 27, 2005

Today I leave on vacation to Holland with my mom. Mom and Dad are picking me up at 2pm today from work, so I'm trying to get everything resolved there before I leave so that the poor guy who has to cover my most ginormous project doesn't have to hate me while I'm gone.

But even though that should be quite stressful, I'm so ridiculous, I'm actually all panicky about the packing. Do we see a trend?

Alex came over last night to help - and by "help" I mean that he told me I should bring three pairs of shoes instead of two and also wondered why it's called a "pair of pants" instead of just "a pant." To which, of course, I replied that you CAN call it "a pant" but that if he did I would immediately hate him along with all others who say that. After which, of course, he immediately tried to work the term "pant" into the conversation.

It's like that.

Then I remembered that my plants would die if I didn't get someone to water them while I'm away. So at 9pm I wandered up to the apartment of a girl I went to highschool with whom I just happened to meet in the elevator one day. Of course, since I'm a bad person, I have yet to actually get together with her and catch up. Instead, here I am asking her to do a favour for me. Selfish Cathy!

But at least I'm saving the plants.

And I think that I've remembered everything. Oh wait. I forgot my camera.

Crap. I suck.

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