Saturday, October 04, 2003

Leaving Adelaide tonight on my overnight bus trip to Melbourne where Scott is, I'm sure, eagerly awaiting my early morning arrival.

Over the past couple of days, I've done a few things...

Went to the Art Gallery and Museum, did some shopping, checked out the old rail station, the botanical gardens, the Central Market, the Migrant Museum (about the immigation history of Adelaide and SA).

Went out for dinner with the Kates and Jacinta again on Friday and finally had kangaroo. It was good, although tasted much like beef. Sadly, I also got sick! I think it might have something to do with the migraine that I got the next day.

Yesterday, I went with Meredith (one of the Kates' sisters and Tony's friend) and her fiance Mike and their friend Katie to Cleland Conservation and Wildlife Park.

I saw an echidna!
So now I think I've seen EVERY unique Australian animal!

OK, maybe not every one, but the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) is extinct, so that doesn't count.

We also went to Mt. Lofty lookout, where we had the most amazing view of Adelaide!

After the lovely picnic that Meredith furnished, we took a drive to Hahndorf, a small quaint German town in the Adelaide Hills. We had coffee and scones and did a little fudge tasting and window shopping before returning to Meredith and Mike's place for a BBQ.

What a nice day!

Today I was supposed to go to Glenelg for brunch with Kate D, but she can't make it. So that means I have the whole day to myself.

* Checked out of the hostel. Sigh. Love the YHA.
* Internet
* Tandanya Aboriginal Cultural Institue
* Back to the Art Gallery to finish off my wander
* Hill Smith Fine Art Gallery
* ? Maybe I'll go to Glenelg anyway, just to have a wander

My bus leaves at 8pm.

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